office lunch catering

If you’re planning on having a large office group to Bleubird, consider skipping the crowd by ordering ahead. We’ll have your boxed lunches ready for you to pick up. We request you order before 10:30 the day of for less than six. Six or more must be ordered the day before by 11AM to assure we are fully stocked with the best, freshest ingredients. If you have a large lunch order (15 or more) we suggest 48 hours to ensure availability.

Looking for items for a larger, less casual event? Take a look at our event catering menu that we offer for parties in the restaurant, as well as at your destination choice.

Let us know if you have any questions about the menu, or if you would like to order boxed lunches for your office.

Special thanks to Michael, Braxton, and Anna for your help with this site!